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Wisconsin Bankruptcy Law Blog

Wisconsin bankruptcy statistics for March 2017

Atty. Steven W. Zaleski

Here we have the total number of bankruptcy filings in the Western District of Wisconsin for March 2017…there were 938 chapter 7 cases and 165 chapter 13 cases filed. If you need a bankruptcy lawyer in the Madison Wisconsin area, call Attorney Steven Zaleski of the Zaleski Law Firm.

Wisconsin bankruptcy cases in February 2017

Atty. Steven W. Zaleski

According to published statistics, there were 552 Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases and 96 Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases filed in Wisconsin during the month of February 2017. Steven Zaleski, Bankruptcy Attorney, Madison, Wisconsin.

2016 Year End Bankruptcy Statistics

Atty. Steven W. Zaleski

According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, there were 4363 bankruptcy cases filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin. In December 2016, there were 346 cases filed. Attorney Steven Zaleski is proud to say that he filed a number of those cases in 2016 on behalf of his own clients. And now for 2017….If you are in the Madison or southern Wisconsin area and are over your head in debt, bankruptcy attorney Steven Zaleski is ready to help you!

Attorney Steven Zaleski Makes Fifth Supreme Court Appearance

Atty. Steven W. Zaleski

On November 9, 2016, Attorney Steven Zaleski of Madison, Wisconsin, appeared as lead counsel in his fifth case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The oral argument was recorded by Wisconsin Eye and can be viewed online through the Wisconsin Eye website. A decision is pending.

September 2016 bankruptcy filings in Wisconsin

Atty. Steven W. Zaleski

The September 2016 statistics show that 982 new bankruptcy cases were filed in the Eastern District of Wisconsin and 352 new cases were filed in the Western District of Wisconsin. Attorney Steven Zaleski

May 2016 Wisconsin bankruptcy filings

Atty. Steven W. Zaleski

Bankruptcy filing statistics are in for May. It appears that there were 422 new cases filed in the Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin and 1241 new cases filed in the Eastern District of Wisconsin. The Zaleski Law firm files cases both in the Western District which is based in Madison and the Eastern District which is based in Milwaukee.

Attorney Steven Zaleski to appear before Wisconsin Supreme Court again in 2016

Atty. Steven W. Zaleski

Every month or so, the Wisconsin Supreme Court reviews petitions filed by attorneys who seek to have their clients cases heard by the Supreme Court. In May 2016, the Supreme Court reviewed 60 different petitions. Out of those 60 cases, the Supreme Court voted to accept just 1 case, a case handled and presented by Attorney Steven Zaleski. This will be attorney Zaleski’s 5th case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

2015 bankruptcy statistics for Wisconsin

Atty. Steven W. Zaleski

According to statistics from the American Bankruptcy Institute, in 2015 there were 18,455 chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy filings in Wisconsin. This was down 10% from 2014.

Not bankruptcy…but interesting nonetheless…record number of false convictions overturned in 2015

Atty. Steven W. Zaleski

The New York Times just noted a study finding that in 2015 a record 149 people in the United States were found to have been falsely convicted of a crime. Official misconduct played a role in 65 exonerations and false confessions were seen in 27. The National Registry of Exonerations, based at the University of Michigan law school, reported the findings.

Puerto Rico Bankruptcy?

Atty. Steven W. Zaleski

In a previous post, we talked about various cities, towns and municipalities that have utilized the bankruptcy code to get out of debt. Now Puerto Rico is apparently looking to do the same thing. According to the Wall Street Journal, Puerto Rico spends close to 38% of its general fund budget on debt service with the debt approximating 18.5 billion dollars. Talk about a fresh start. Of course, think of all the current and former government employees who may have their pensions or other benefits adversely affected. Not pretty.